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Prepaid Credit Cards - Compare the Latest UK Prepaid Cards at

Prepaid cards are a relatively new form of payment that looks and works a lot like the credit and debit cards you’ll be used to, but with a fundamental difference - they're not credit or debit cards.

Prepaid credit card alternatives are not credit products, nor are they linked to a funding source, instead, you need to load money onto to them, giving you far greater control over your spending without many of the usual fees and chargers that come with credit and debit cards.

Prepaid credit cards come in a number of forms, from pay-as-you-go cards, ideal for those who make payments infrequently, or pay monthly cards, giving better rates to those who intent to use the card day-to-day. The type of prepaid card you choose is entirely up to you and depends on how you intend to use it.

Prepaid cards also come as travel money cards, often available in multiple currencies, making them the perfect way to carry your spending money when you go away. Many of these travel prepaid credit cards are designed to give you a better deal on transaction and withdrawal fees whilst you’re abroad.

To find out more about the prepaid credit cards that are available, their rates and how you can go about getting one please use the prepaid card price comparison table we’ve provided below.

FREE Prepaid Credit Cards

There are a number of FREE prepaid credit cards on the market, all of which don’t require you to pay for your card when signing up. We’ve listed all of these cards for you in the table below, comparing them on the various fees and charges for using them to help you choose which prepaid card is right for you.

Application Monthly Transaction ATM Topup

Net+ Prepaid MasterCard®

Free Free Free £3.00 Free / 1.75%
Apply now

Orange Cash Prepaid MasterCard®

Free Free Free UK / 2.75% Abroad 2.95% UK / 5.70% Abroad Free / 4%
Apply now

Pockit Prepaid MasterCard®

Free £3.00 Free £1.00 / £2.25 Free / 3%
Apply now

One Prepaid MasterCard®

Free £12.95 Free UK / 2.75% Abroad £1.50 - £3.00 Free - £2.00
Apply now

AA Prepaid Maestro®

Free Free Free £1.50 - £2.25 Free - 3%
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Paid Prepaid Credit Cards

There are many more prepaid credit cards out there, although these require you to purchase your card when applying for you, many of these may prove to be a better deal than a free card depending on how you intend to use them. We’ve included the most popular of these prepaid credit cards as one of these may be better suited to your needs than the FREE prepaid credit cards listed in the table above.

Application Monthly Transaction ATM Topup

Cash Plus Prepaid MasterCard®

£4.95 £4.95 Free £0.99 Free
Apply now

Clear Cash Prepaid MasterCard®

£4.95 Free 2.5% £0.75 UK / £1.50 Abroad Free
Apply now

Kalixa Prepaid MasterCard®

£6.95 Free Free £1.75 UK / £2.25 Abroad Free / 3.5%
Apply now

Bread Prepaid MasterCard®

£7.50 / £10.00 Free 2% UK / 2.75% Abroad £1.50 Free / 3%

Secure Trust Prepaid MasterCard®

£12.50 £12.50 Free £1.50 £0.50 UK / £2.25 Abroad
Apply now

Freedom Prepaid MasterCard®

£5.99 - £9.99 Free £0.50 UK / 2.75% Abroad 1.5% UK / £2.50 Abroad Free - 3%
Apply now

Optimum Prepaid MasterCard®

£9.95 £4.95 Free UK / 3% Abroad £1.50 - 2% Free - 3%
Apply now

Cash Plus Gap Year Prepaid MasterCard®

£9.95 £4.95 Free £1.50 Free - £2.00
Apply now

Tuxedo Prepaid MasterCard®

£9.95 £4.99 Free £0.50 UK / £2.25 Abroad Free - 3%
Apply now

Splash Plastic Prepaid Maestro®

£5.00 Free 2.5% £1.50 UK / 2.5% Abroad Free - 2.5%
Apply now

Spend e Prepaid MasterCard®

£7.95 £2.99 £0.75 £1.50 UK / 2.5% Abroad Free - £15.00
Apply now

First Premier Prepaid MasterCard®

£8.95 £1.00 Free £1.00 Free - 3%
Apply now

Extreme Prepaid Maestro®

£8.95 £1.00 Free £1.00 £0.85 - £4.00
Apply now

Acorn Prepaid Maestro®

£10.00 £2.00 £0.25 £0.75 - £2.00 Free - £15.00
Apply now

Alto Prepaid Maestro®

£6.00 Free Free £1.00 - £1.50 £0.50
Apply now

Why Prepaid Credit Cards?

Prepaid cards are the fastest growing type of card in the UK, as people like you look to debit and credit card alternatives to escape the often excessive fees and charges associated with their use. They are also one of the most convenient plastic options these days, with a number of prepaid providers also offering eWallet solutions, which allow you to move money between your accounts instantly, giving you greater control and ease of access to your money.

The simplicity of both getting a prepaid card, loading funds and using it, has made them increasingly popular with young people who may struggle to get hold of a credit card due to a lack of credit history. And it’s not just young people, with significant numbers of people from all demographics swapping their credit cards for prepaid credit card alternatives as they grow increasingly aware and wary of the fees and charges which make their other cards an increasingly unattractive deal.

Prepaid cards are also popular with holiday makers, and If you’re going away on holiday taking a prepaid card can be a good idea, and one that many other people have thought of and are now doing, as prepaid credit card use has overtaken travellers cheques and looks set to soon overtake cash as the first choice solution for people taking money abroad.

Who are Prepaid Credit Cards for?

It’s a common misconception that prepaid credit cards are for people on low incomes or with bad credit, which simply isn’t true as there are benefits to be had from a prepaid card whatever your financial circumstance, making prepaid cards for everyone.

Prepaid cards are perfect for budgeting, whether going away on holiday or day-to-day, as they allow you to self-impose spending limits which you are unable to exceed. This can give you greater control over your finances and spending – something that isn’t possible with a traditional credit or debit card.

They can also be very helpful to people who find it difficult to get approved for a traditional card, due to their income, credit history (or lack of), bankruptcy or signing up to an individual voluntary arrangement (IVA) to get their finances back on track. Prepaid cards offer a great alternative to such individuals, as there are no credit checks or requirement to hold a bank account, making them easy to obtain.

So whatever your finances look like prepaid credit cards can offer a viable, useful and easy to obtain alternative to credit cards.

Prepaid Cards vs Credit Cards

Prepaid cards work like any credit or debit card, allowing you to make purchases online, in-store and to withdraw cash from ATMs. The only difference between prepaid credit cards and traditional cards is the funding source, which a prepaid card isn’t. Instead, a prepaid card is topped up or loaded, meaning that you can only spend the funds that are available in the card, eliminating fees like interest and those for unauthorised overdraft.

In many ways prepaid credit cards are like pay as you go mobile phones – only allowing you to spend that you have in your balance, and not allowing you to go over. Once your prepaid card balance is gone you are no longer able to spend or withdraw cash until you have reloaded it with new funds.

Many of the prepaid cards currently available on the market allow for a number of quick and convenient loading methods for your card, including bank transfer, card to card loading and in-store through PayPoint.